An Engraved Pocket Stone is an Upscale, Memorable Gift

Carry a special message or image at all times with an engraved pocket stone. These custom stones are the perfect size and flatness for fitting in a pocket, and will hold up well with deep engraving. As part of our premium collection, pocket stones make great gifts for upscale events.

Consistent in size and shape, our pocket stones measure an average 1.5 inches and have room for around 18 characters (11-12 per line) or a simple image. Select your rock and fill color to create something truly unique. Your stones will come individually wrapped to ensure each one arrives beautifully.  

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Pocket Rocks in Assorted Colors

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    Staff Love Them

    Our organization is going through a period of transition so we provided the pocket stones as mementos to our staff. They love them! We are very pleased with the quality of the engraving, the variety of colors and the smoothness of the stones. Each stone is unique and retains the grain and visual texture that make these gifts so wonderful. Great experience from placing the order through delivery. Thank you!
    Leslie Chadwick

    Cracks, fissures, scratches on stones

    If you order 100 stones, expect 50% of them to have scratches, fissures, and cracks through the words of the engraved writing. In the photos on this website, one out of a group has such a line through the words. In reality, 1 out of 2 will look terrible. Also, the customer service with xxx is poor. We've made three phone calls, the last in which he promised to "work with us" which consisted of hid refusing to give any ground or discount and repeating his point that what we think looks unattractive others would find beautiful (with lines through the words). If the aesethetic of having lines through the words is so desirable, the company should highlight a majority of those stones in the photos. Response from Engraved Stones Direct: Thank you for the feedback - stones are natural and will have markings, however half of your order should not have significant veining across the engraving. We want to find a joint resolution on this issue, which was difficult to do when you disconnected the call with us. We emailed you immediately afterwards to get pictures of the stones to better understand your concerns, given you indicated you hadn't opened them all. We look forward to finding a joint resolution for you on this.
    Amy Paulson, Executive Director at Global Gratitude Alliance

    Beautiful & inspiring: Perfect for our Trauma Healing workshops

    Our nonprofit runs trauma recovery workshops and ordered the pocket stones with our infinity logo engraved on the front, so our workshop participants can write their own word on the back. We LOVE the engraved stones. They are the perfect size to take anywhere, the colors are beautiful, the engraving provides a tactile experience for people to remember their own strength and resilience, and the stones will bring much healing to communities around the US and abroad. Thank you! PS - We have also recommended you to several healers in our community, and hope that you will receive several new clients from the Bay Area / Northern California.