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Generally, faith isn't something we can see or touch, yet it is central to many people's lives and religion. Faith can also be about confidence, such as when we talk about having faith in a person or idea. What if we could hold faith in our hand? Would we have a clearer picture of what it actually means?

Our “Faith” stones are a reminder to anyone who holds them. Engraved with black fill and measuring 1 to 2 inches, these polished river rocks are always ready to ship when you want them for events or gifts.

Keep this symbol of faith close whenever you need it!



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    Carina Miller

    Engraved stones

    I am so happy with my order from engraved stones. I bought 300 stones and needed a pretty quick turn around. They did not have them in stock however they processed my order immediately and let me know that they would start engraving my stones right away to try and meet my deadline. They beat my deadline by 2 weeks!! Thanks so much Engraved Stones for your outstanding customer service!! Thanks! Carina Miller

    Exactly what I was looking for

    I gave out the rocks at a recent women's function at my church. Each rock was unique in its color, shape and size to represent that we are all uniquely created by God. The women all seemed to enjoy the rock they selected as a reminder that we are all living rocks through faith in Jesus Christ.

    quick delivery

    Gift for our Confirmation Students
    Altar Guild Lea

    Third order

    On the first Sunday of November Manchester UMC, remembers those that have passed in the past year.We chose to use the faith stone's for the third year. We place a fountain with running water on the chancel area and as each person is recognized a stone is slid into the water. After the service the stones are removed from the water and dried so that a family member can come pick up one of the ston
    Altar Guild Lea

    I would & did purchase this product agai

    The church that I am a member does a rememberance weekend to acknowledge those that have passed each year. We give a small token on this occasion to a family member, example's have included potted plant, a single stem rose or carnation and now for the second time a stone. Each name is read as the stone is placed in a fountain which represents "Living Water". The familes have been most appreciativ