Polished River Rocks are Great Symbols of Strength

Bulk Pricing ChartMany things have been used to symbolize strength. Tall trees, shining metals and even giant waves make us think of power and durability. A common symbol of strength is a stone, as it lasts for thousands upon thousands of years and is used to build long-lasting structures.

If you're looking to support someone during a tough time, or even just send a reminder to yourself, consider one of our 1 to 2 inch engraved “Strength” stones. These are natural polished river rocks featuring black fill engraving, and are easily carried anywhere in a pocket or purse. Best of all, they're ready to ship within one day.

They may be small, but our polished river stones pack a big punch when it comes to gifting strength!


Strength Stones

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    Inspirational Strength Stones

    Subtley handing one to a friend recovering from serious surgery or illness is inspirational. This product is high quality.
    Jamie Reads

    Perfect Memorial Gift

    I got 125 STRENGTH stones for my husband's memorial service. Everyone appreciated them. Many took two... one for them & one for someone unable to attend. I chose STRENGTH because my husband was strong until the very end & now his family & friends must be strong to continue on without him. Each stone is unique in shape, size, color. They are lustrous & cool to the touch & the engraving is clea