Inspirational Words Mixed with the Simplicity of Nature

Life moves so quickly, that we often forget to stop, "Breathe" and slow down to appreciate the simple things in life. To always "Believe" in whatever we "Dream" of, even though it can take "Courage" to do so. We never want to give up "Hope" in the things that are the most important to us, and always want to "Inspire" others to do the same. These engraved inspirational stones are sure to create "Joy" and give a simple reminder to never forget to "Live, Laugh and Love" even when times are tough. 

Offered in shades of cream, you will find these 10 engraved words to be motivational and durable. The flat profile, gives you the ability to rub them similar to worry stones.  Averaging right around 1 inch in size, these truly are small stones that are the perfect inspirational gifts.

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Assorted Word Stones to Motivate

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