Our Most Popular Inspirational Words on Beautifully Polished River Stone

It isn't always easy to express how we feel with words, and give messages the weight we think they deserve. Our engraved assorted inspirational stones feature popular motivational words including “Believe,” “Breathe,” “Courage,” “Dream,” “Gratitude,” “Hope,” “Imagine,” “Inspire,” “Integrity,” “Love,” “Peace,” "Serenity," “Strength,” and "Trust" are in stock and ready to ship within one day. This way, you're always ready to relate your thoughts in a memorable and beautiful way.

At 1 to 2 inches, these polished river stones are great for display or keeping in a pocket or purse. The black engraved words won't wear off, and the natural colors evoke warmth and durability.

 If you need different words, please see our other Quick Ship polished river rocks categories. If you are looking for specific words or other font and color combinations, check out our Engraved River Stones page for a custom design.


Assorted Inspirational Stones - Bulk Discounts

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    Dianne Hill


    I forgot to rate the stars.


    Beautiful stones. I love the colors. Just one thing: I wish we could choose the assortment. I got 6 gratitude stones for just 1 Peace stone...
    Carolyn Gavaghan

    Good assortment

    Stones were perfect for what I needed them for. Engravings were inspirational and soothing. The 2" stones are a little big but there was a good variety.
    Cindy Orobono

    Assorted Inspirational River Stones

    Stones are perfect! Our martial art students are drawn to them to use as encouragement for a specific goal they are working on. Such as board breaking & belt testing etc.
    Sundae Carter

    Not as expected not shiny at all

    Didn’t look at all like the picture they are just rocks with words on them and I was expecting stones they were polished Not happy Engraved Stones Direct Response: Thank you for the feedback, we are certainly sorry to hear that you are not happy with your stones. They are rocks with words on them as you mention, that have a polished finish over the top. Since these are natural stones, every stone will look different and no two are ever the same - however if you are not happy with the finish on your stones, we would be more than happy to have you send them back to us and we can refund your order since it was a non-custom order.
    J Garcia

    Pretty Good

    These rocks are nice with engravings and shiny, however, for the price I received at least 5 cracked rocks with a piece missing and I would say about more than 1/2 of the rocks are about one inch. Engraved Stones Direct Response: Hi - these stones will range in size from 1 to 2 inches as noted online. They may have natural marks, however you definitely should not have received 5 that were cracked. We will be glad to get replacements out to you!

    Assorted inspirational stones

    Very nice

    Stone had a high sheen and looked great.

    I would order with enough time to receive. One week turned out to be cutting it too close.

    Gave out at moms passing

    The stones arrived the day before my moms burial. We had a small gathering afterwards at the house and encouraged everyone to take a stone in remembrance of mom. At the end of the day all the stones were gone. Everyone really liked them a lot. Thanks.

    Inspiring Stones

    These stones are so beautiful and inspirational! We are delighted with our order and cannot wait to distribute them at our event! In addition, your company has EXCELLENT customer service - the staff have been quick to respond and most helpful!