Positive Self-Affirmations, Be You!

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In today's society, we can sometimes struggle to feel like we are enough.  We question our worth and our self-being... and that shouldn't be the case.  Sometimes all we need is a simple reminder that being who we are is just the way it should be!

These natural unpolished river rocks are engraved with the words "I AM ME," "I AM LOVED," "I AM ENOUGH," "I AM BRAVE," "I AM AMAZING" and "I AM WORTHY - great quick daily affirmations for us all.  Whether your planning to keep these around the house or looking to give these simple reminder to friends, family, students or patients - you'll find these to be a wonderful size to hold.

Averaging between 1 to 2 inches, these engraved rocks are perfect for display, to hold as a worry stone or to keep with you. The black engraved words won't wear off, and the natural colors evoke warmth and durability.

If you need different words, please see our other Quick Ship polished river rocks categories. If you are looking for specific words or other font and color combinations, check out our Engraved River Stones page for a custom design.


Affirmation Rocks

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