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Pocket Stones, Comfort Stones, Word Stones, Mini Pocket Stones

Pocket Stones, Comfort Stones, Worry Stones, & Word Stones

The pocket stone is a small stone that usually holds a single powerful word on a stone with a special meaning for the recipient. Meant to tuck into pockets and purses, these word stones are popular and inspirational gifts.

Also known as word stones, worry stones or gratitude stones, our pocket stones include natural river rocks, polished river rocks, colored glass stones and marble stones.

Pocket stones are popular for memorials, messages of hope, congratulations, church gatherings, thanks, wedding favors, and so much more.

Be sure to view our pocket stone gift ideas!

Custom Engraved Pocket Rocks
Engraved Stones 1"-2"
Mini Pocket Stones
Custom Rocks 1.5"
100 Stone Minimum

Rock Solid Value: $3.09
Engraved River Stones Polished and Unpolished 1"-2"
100 Stone Minimum

Rock Solid Value: $2.29
Mini Pocket Stones
100 Stone Minimum

Rock Solid Value: $2.09
Pocket Gemstones
Gemstones Custom Engraved
100 Stone Minimum

Rock Solid Value: $2.79